Infrared Training on Electrical Inspection for professionals

Infrared Training on electrical inspection has been specially formulated for infrared camera users and thermographers working on the electrical field. This kind of infrared training makes it easier for the professional to inspect typical electrical hazards and identify the causes triggering it.

Expert guidance is given on the potential influence of problems in electrical system that can hamper smooth operation. The professional is trained hands-on to detect any kind of problem on-field. The Infrared Training on Electrical Inspection trains the student on ways to carry out inspections on sites, record survey outcomes and prepare a comprehensive report.

The components and items in use in electrical systems are also dealt with in detail in the course. Electrical distribution along with control panels and the functions of ducts and switchgears are explicitly discussed in the training schedules. Infrared camera can be a valuable tool to the user who knows its operation.  The main focus of the course centers on the usage of infrared camera to detect these problems in the electrical field, which otherwise remains unexposed. The course, all through stresses on the safety and security issues which are of concern.

Infrared Training on Electrical Inspection is ideal for Electricians, Contractors, Architects and Insulation professionals. The course materials consist of reading materials, software and presentation materials. It is a short yet intense course comprising of both classroom and practical training. Students who have taken the Level I Infrared Thermography Training will find this course helpful